About John Ragozzine

Hi! I’m the Director of Agile Process at Alley , a fully remote web agency running [email protected] The Scrum Master on the data visualization team, I work closely with all of Alley’s SMs, both as a collaborator and an Agile Coach.

I host a podcast, Two Scrums Up , which focuses on sharing Agile anecdotes, successes, and missteps. New episodes come out every other Tuesday.

I live in Raleigh, North Carolina, USA.

Me, Before Now#

I grew up in Connecticut, but not the one you are picturing. Think working class Long Island mixed with the South Boston characters of Good Will Hunting. I was a smart, shy kid brought up by a stable, funny, big Italian-American family. Pretty sure I was asked, “Hey, how youse doin?” daily.

After a childhood of puns, 80s TV, and tromping around the woods behind our house with our dog, I attended Marist College—mostly due to the campus’s amazing view of the Hudson River—eventually earning a BA in English with unofficial minors in Philosophy and Theater.

After an early 2000s stint in textbook publishing as well as teaching, I started my career in technology by building WordPress websites for nonprofits in Maine. Through self-teaching, I moved up in the web development world, eventually being a UX/UI Development Manager (a title I created to accompany a promotion) at a large financial company.

Since the early 2010s, I have been working in the agency world, exclusively for fully remote organizations.